Huawei is the exclusive title sponsor of the 3rd Australian International Student Festival.

Huawei P30 series color is more bold, and imaging technology is innovating! The ultra-sensing Leica is a subversive tradition that reconstructs the rules of light and shadow. 50 times digital zoom, close you and me distance. The dual camera synchronizes to record good times. Ultra-thin artificial intelligence chip Kirin 980, double brain thinking, performance dominates. Wisdom identifies the network status and the game calls are not dropped.

Huawei MateBook notebook series is definitely an extraordinary plug-in for learning office games. Fast and fast, full life. The thin metal body is equipped with powerful performance and pulls the wind as you walk. The mobile phone shakes and touches, and the smart internet realizes the second speed transmission.

Yan value online, performance burst!

Huawei bless, not to live a good time studying abroad!